God is unseen and the Holy Spirit is unseen. Yet the Holy Spirit of God is within us. Our hearts and minds are the key sources of understanding God. We can neither see nor hear our hearts and minds. We all have a way to sense and understand what lies deep within our minds, hearts, and the Holy Spirit of God. This ability, like all abilities, is to be conditioned, trained, practiced, and improved.

The key to understand God through the Holy Spirit God gave us is to give ourselves over to the direction and care of God's will. This has been the instruction since the beginning. We must rely completely upon God, to do God's will. There is an inward authority within us that needs to be governed or it will govern us according to its own wishes and desires. God wants us to give ourselves over to God's ways, paths, righteousness, goodness, grace, statutes, or which ever biblical term you wish to describe it. They are all the same. We are to obey, listen, and do as God desires, but first we must learn and understand more specifically what it is for us to do.

We are each unique in our condition, situation, experience, knowledge, ability, and resources. Our interests and motivations vary as well as our willingness to serve God. Therefore, we each will serve God differently. If we rely upon other people telling us what to do for every specific situation we will fall far short of God's desire for us. Since we each are unique we must learn to understand God better and how to better discern for ourselves what God desires us to do. Other people can help us grow in our ability to learn more about God and how to discern, but our real learning will be through trial and error of engagement in spiritual conditioning practices.

We must get to know the thoughts which prompt our pain, suffering, fear, anger, self-deception, anxiety, and other forms of brokenness. We are to begin a journey and an adventure of seeking interactivity that exists below the surface of ourselves and others. To know peace we must learn to slow down. God is peace. There is no other way. So either we are willing to slow down and find God or we are not. Either we do it, or we don't.

God is forgiving. Either we learn to forgive ourselves and others or we don't. We don't just think to ourselves, "I forgive," instead we learn what forgiveness is and ensure we genuinely forgive truthfully and sincerely. Otherwise we are simply fooling ourselves.

This journey will require a continued regular frequent practice, evaluation, and discussion. Either we do it, or we don't. We have a choice to make every day all day long and that choice affects our condition spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically. God's way is right, healthy, loving, and freedom.