This command has been written over and over throughout the bible. If we do not begin with our thoughts and choices agreeing to fulfill this command then we agree toward disobedience and there will be little chance for our transformation.

James 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

Self deception begins when we pay attention toward the discomfort we might anticipate from choosing to step into the change process. It can be very helpful to develop a response to avoid thinking about the discomfort and think more intently on obedience to God's message. Obedience here is a very good and healthy thing. The above packet (blue button) contains scripture verses providing transformational information. It works when we not only read it, but do what it says...

Mind and Conscience
Cleanse and Wash
Examine, test, discern
Ways and Paths
Remember and Remind

Discussions ought to focus on insight for spiritual growth. We ought to seek out solutions for ourselves. We ought to speak for ourselves only. Our thoughts and comments ought to focus toward how we each individually can improve toward God’s character. (inductive study style)

  1. Is there a common theme, repetition, or pattern? What is the central point to the topic?
  2. Are there any questions about any verse to share with the group?
  3. Does the scripture provide instructions on how to think or behave?
  4. Does the scripture indicate consequences for some thought or behavior?
  5. Can anyone share from a personal life experience how they might relate to tonight's scripture?
  6. Are there ways we can take action to improve toward this point or message?