Thinking Behavior ​tools can help us to love God with all our minds as part of the greatest commandment. For faith that leads to salvation, this is essential and required. If we do not seek, follow, obey, and love God, how can we claim to be saved by God?

Continuum Scalesare measurement tools to help us understand how we can grow toward and away from God. We can be active in our faith or idle. Yet we ought to examine and test ourselves to see and understand.

Conditioning tools can be used to help us examine and test ourselves to see how we can grow with God's character. Yet we still we need to act on it.

What fills our minds and hearts affects our learning and thoughts which affects our experiences and beliefs. We ought to seek to fill our minds & hearts with God.

List of helpful materials for ongoing Biblical enrichment and development of faith in God. To see truth we must learn to discern the truth from the mass of falsehood around us. We can gradually abide more and more into God's truth to increase in God's righteousness and goodness.