Facilitating: God is our ultimate facilitator. We ought to all seek alignment toward the collective character of God in our hearts, minds, souls, words, attitude, and demeanor. We are all ambassadors of God's grace in different measures. That said, each group ought to decide together who will be their facilitator keeping in mind what is best for God.

Sharing: Confidentiality & respect for each person's sharing ought to be provided. Sincerity, truth, authenticity, and transparency ought to be our manner of sharing. We ought to keep our sharing more focussed on spiritual components and less focussed on material. Messages we create and believe within our minds about our experiences affect our faith far more than the experiences themselves. Our interpretations and perceptions lead us both spiritually and emotionally. Our goal is love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength which means we increasingly see how we can better align our thoughts and attitude to match God's character in all our situations. How can we better apply God's peace, mercy, forgiveness, love, patience, truth, justice, compassion, and generosity in all our activities?

Serving: What are we bringing to the group? Are we adding anything to the group or simply trying to see what we can get out of it for our own benefit (selfish ambition)? Our attitude and motivation toward the group experience will affect what we get from the experience. Living for God is seeking to give and contribute. The more each person contributes the more the group will thrive and produce. How can add love toward the group? We each of different strengths, so we each will contribute differently. 

Mentoring: We ought to be working with each other humbly reaching out to give and receive God's grace. The giving and receiving of God's love is a process we all must not miss. If we only give love we are no better than others who only take love. God not only provides us grace, but also receives worship. We love God and God loves us. When stop loving or receiving love we can cease to grow spiritually.

Unity: We ought to connect with empathy and understanding to relate and identify with each other. Spending time together is a necessary part of getting to know each other. We ought to work together with similar goals and faith. We ought to humbly and patiently collaborate around disagreements toward peace.

Governing: Our participation with God's character and God's grace being the result ought to guide our decisions. We ought to always guard against fear, greed, pride, vanity, resentment, and other forms of selfishness.

Growing, Informing, & Cooperating: Offering instruction or classes on the "God Sense" course content will help provide others knowledge and skill to better discern the spiritual from the physical and grow in critical thinking. Also, those who lead instruction will further develop their own knowledge and skills. Teaching leads to deeper understanding. We are the salt of the earth and the light ought to be on a lamp stand.

Evaluation and Examination: As we examine ourselves for selfishness and sin the group ought to participate in regularly examination as well. The group can easily become stagnant or cease growing in God's character. The group can also benefit from having group goals and setting objectives to improve.