Check for growth

(Thought provoking tools on self examination & corrective action)

​Effort assessment  (How hard do we try?) 

Examples of correction   

Seeker evaluation (How well do we seek?) 

Weekly assessment (How are we investing ourselves with God?)

Spiritual progression (Are we progressing?)

Continuum of bible awareness

Blank goal sheet ("Not having a plan is planning to fail" Benjamin Franklin)

Love Check List

Other Tools

Journal guide

Complaining, blaming, and faultfinding will not help us grow with God. In fact, it separates us from God's peace.

There are many problems within government, church, families, and ourselves. So lets stay the course toward the solution .... our alignment with God.

Our minds and bodies need new thoughts, experiences, and relationships that cooperate with the Holy Spirit within us.

Time and effort invested in spiritual thinking and behaving must continue to increase.

Scripture on transformational topics

(Read it, understand it, reflect on it, discuss it, listen to others views)

Prayer & Worship    

Prayer instructions   

Daniel & Job's prayer 

Fear God  (not fear like scared)

Serve God (by faith & love)

Idolatry & pride      

Prayer of St. Francis


Teach, train, convince


Favoritism & Partiality


Lies & Deception



Those who repent

Those who don't

Introduction Pages

(If this looks jumbled, turn phone sideways.)

Home (Brief intro, personal bias, God is within us, Bible describes God)

Introduction (more in depth intro)

Conditions (If God is most important, then we obey)

Follow (what is following)

Temptation (willingness, truth, & humility)

Self-discipline (we all will sin, continue to correct as we persevere)

Self-examination (we evaluate ourselves, make righteous adjustments, guard against sin)

Making progress (learned helplessness, progress not perfection, group think)

God's will (a lot of scripture about God)

Follow God not man (Asch conformity, Milgram obedience, ensure that we serve God more than man)

Good works (two types of works, good works comes from grace)

James 1:22 "But be doers of the word, and not only hearers, deluding your own selves."

(This is a slow process requiring willingness, humility, truth, heart, mind, soul, and strength.

We stop growing when we stop participating in God's character with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.)

Training Pages

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Seek to understand

Seeking God (God's ways must be our goal) 

Desire (Setting our hearts on God) 

Choose God (Choose to take action) 

Seek God first (Training our hearts)

Renew our truth   (What is our/God's truth)

Invisible force   (Meta-message, intangible ways)

Wrath  (Suffering away from God's will & grace)

Guilt and shame (Signals to help us into correction)

Old life   (Glimpse of life based on selfishness)

Renew our mind  (Backwards brain bicycle, open vs. closed minded)

Be humble  (Humility is key, God opposes the proud)

Confess (Can temporarily cleanse us from guilt, shame, & wrath)

Repent (Taking action upon God's Grace, bringing goodness)

Understand to follow

Understanding God (spiritual senses)

Loving is knowing (do it to know it) 

Wisdom & Understanding

Mind and conscience (PDF)

Follow to grow in grace and be healed

Following God (know, then follow)

New Activity (Time to change)

Obeying God (We think, feel, & act differently in Godly ways)

New Life (We resist our old habits/ideas & embrace God's)

New Identity (New path, sense of loss, unfamiliar, & grieving)

Forgive (As we sort through conflict, we must practice forgiveness)

Purify & Restore (Living for peace, we let go of resentment/fear)

Alive in Christ (persevere, continue, learn, train into Christ likeness)

Deeds (A pure heart & clean conscience brings good deeds)

Righteous living (Chose God's righteousness for restoration & peace)

Grace (The grace of God that can save us develops from alignment with God's character and our choice to obey it. Humility, submission, sincerity, and love must be in us.)