God's instructions often times can be confusing and sometimes frightening. Faith in these times will be required. Understanding does not come before taking the risk.

Building God's Kingdom takes perseverance, struggle, courage, transformation, change, effort, and most of all Faith.

Existing within us are roughly 86,000,000,000 neurons. Each one of these is formed by specific experiences. They are used to communicate through the body sensation, perception, movement and so much more. They follow some basic principles.

  1. When given a new, unique, or different experience they use more energy.
  2. When they experience a similar experience it takes or uses less energy and less effort.
  3. When an experience is repeated over time it takes even less energy.

The point is that doing what we know takes less effort and doing what we are not familiar with will induce discomfort. Growth hurts, but we ought to embrace discomfort which builds God's kingdom. 

Missing Something? When doing something different, that seems uncomfortable, where we cannot perceive a benefit, we will have trouble rationalizing our participation in it. In fact, its so much easier to rationalize our way out of it. How do we justify sitting still in quiet? Our bodies often times will inform us in a variety of ways including thoughts to cease the activity because we cannot understand the benefit This is where faith becomes important. If we do not try we will never know. If we do try, we need to give it time and effort to see the benefit. If we believe God is right and good, then we will do what God says is good.

If change feels difficult it may be because we are doing something new or different and requires more energy. It's normal and okay to feel stressed, tired, and struggle when growing with God. Also, because it takes so much energy and effort to change, change often will occur slowly. Like running a marathon, find a pace that works and stay with it. The body will naturally try to avoid the struggle. Our body tells us when to eat, sleep, and find safety. It will speak to us when it becomes tired and guide us to stop. It means take a break not quite. 

Mentally, while in reflection and meditation, we may become easily tired. Take a break and then return to it. We find the setting which works for us and then keep at it to gain strength so we can do more. Being with God is much more then creating a new habit. Habits can be more of a mindless activity. Being with God is to be present with God in heart, mind, and spirit. We are to be always assessing, adapting, listening, sensing, loving, developing, sharing, building, increasing, freeing, and blessing. This may be what it is to be building God's Kingdom.

It is good to recognize our limitations. With God nothing is impossible, but believing God will save us and jump off a tall building might be stretching things a bit. Believing God can change anyone into a perfect sinless saint over night may be about as crazy as jumping off a building and expecting to be saved. On the Start page Luke, Romans, Hebrews, and Peter state every effort is needed which means we are to apply ourselves earnestly. Perseverance, endurance, and self-discipline are required to successful prolonged transformation. Having a brief encounter is great for that moment, but it does not build toward the future without effort.

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.