Understanding our misunderstanding & self deception

Humility is an essential inward component for spiritual growth. To move our hearts, minds, and souls into God's saving grace will involve much humility and searching. We all sin. Yet how many of us are aware of our sin and seeking God for correction? If we humble ourselves to God and serve God more than we move our hearts and minds more into God's will, character, and commands.

This series will provide examples of how we are all closed minded and error in our choices. We require a continued conscious awareness of our mental errors in order to change. We increasingly must see and understand how we can improve and we can't improve unless we see how we are in error. We must cease reliance upon our own understanding and slowly build an understanding upon God's grace that can save us.  

Self Deception (part 1) Cognitive Bias, favoritism, partiality, preferences, wants, expectations ~ story in the book Alcoholics Anonymous (scroll to 417),

rights, & entitlements (because I deserve it…)

Self Deception (part 2)
Preconception (read pages 10-14) & Ego Defense Mechanisms (ya, but…)

Cognitive Dissonance- State of conflict and confusion to resolution. 

Learned Helplessness & Self Fulfilled Prophecy

Conformity -
Group Think & Asch Experiment (Video)

Obedience to Authority of man -
Milgram’s Study (Video)

Mandella Effect, false memory, Phantom limb

Processing our understanding with others ~ Collaboration

​​When we collaborate with others we can put ourselves in a position to hear truth we we may not see on our own. We may even avoid truthful conversations for the sake of convenience or comfort. We may think to ourselves we have better things to do. Collaboration is key to revealing our character defects and self-deception. Yet we must be entirely honest sharing difficult spiritual truths about ourselves.

What good spiritual reason could we have to avoid talking with others about God? 

We must be convinced that we need God.